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Risk. Like it or not, it's there. Hiding in plain sight. Incidents and liabilities ready to prey on your profit margins, your brand, your operations...your business.

With a clear understanding of the expectations and requirements, G4S began working with key customers to develop a solution that helps expose and mitigate risk. The result is RISK360™—the incident capture, investigation, and analysis tool that our customers wanted. One as powerful, adaptable and easy to use as it is affordable.

RISK360 is a web-based application that is easily accessible from any computer or device with Internet access. It's intuitive and customizable to your specific structures, geographies, locations, access levels and incident types. It's also cross functional to support the needs of your entire organization—not just security.

Sharpen your senses

RISK360 starts by giving you a way to capture information, whether it be from a smartphone, via text message, e-mail or by computer entry. It then sends out real-time notifications to a pre-determined list of people who can manage the incident by:

  • assigning it for investigation, if needed,
  • collecting additional information, such as persons of interest or vehicles involved,
  • setting protocols for the questions that are required to be answered, and much more.

As you build a database of incidents, you will begin seeing trends and identifying areas to optimize your safety and security program using real data.

Where RISK360 surpasses most incident management programs is in its ability to track and analyze the effectiveness of countermeasures. This ensures the continued optimization of your safety and security program. And through RISK360 Mobile, a smartphone application that allows officers to report events in detail as they occur, the software provides managers the data they need to make informed decisions fast.

RISK360’s highly configurable and easily deployed platform enables it to be customized to requirements across your entire organization. And with a database of this critical information about your environment, you can sharpen your senses—improving your ability to anticipate and deter incidents, and exposing risk so that you can better mitigate it.

To learn more about RISK360, sign up for a live demo or contact us today.